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Easter was lovely this year; Albert is big enough to actually have chocolate!  He’s never really had it before, so I was reallyView full post »

16 Months

Our little scamp is 16 months old!  He is busy working on his next two teeth (number 5 & 6), having a go at walking (but taking hisView full post »

15 months

We are enjoying a little break from weddings (not that we don’t love weddings, but it’s nice to have lots more time to playView full post »

Stepping Out

Bertie loves being outside, especially if it’s windy or raining.  He also loves walking (with a helping hand from mummy and daddy),View full post »

Albert the Artist

There are a few perks to having a child (aside from the excessive amount of love and all that).  One of them is getting to do the thingsView full post »

Around the house

It’s been a while since we took any ‘proper’ pictures of our little love.  Here he is this morning, being utterlyView full post »

First Shoes

It was time our little explorer had some proper shoes, so we took him to Clarks to get measured up.  He cried when the nice lady put hisView full post »

Jingle all the way

Our second Christmas as three was wonderful (and I can remember so much more of it than last year when we were rather sleep deprived!).  WeView full post »

Albert turned 1!

Recently we celebrated Albert’s first birthday.  How is he one already?!  Time flies when you’re having fun. We had a lovelyView full post »

Fake Christmas

It has become tradition to celebrate fake Christmas in November with some of our lovely pals.  A cosy cottage in Shropshire, too much food,View full post »