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11 months!

He’s almost ONE, how can that be?!View full post »

Trick or Treat?

Albie’s first Halloween! View full post »

Blackpool Illuminations

I have so many memories of Blackpool Illuminations, they’re so magical for children (and big kids like us).  Even though our littleView full post »

10 Months

Our little munchkin is ten months old, and seems to be learning something new every day!  He’s shuffling along happily on hisView full post »


Lunch in France with his Grandparents, eating all the bread.  View full post »


In France, playing with our lovely boy.View full post »

Foxleys in France

We are so lucky that Pete’s parents bought a pretty house in the Burgundy countryside; it’s the perfect place to relax after aView full post »

9 Months old!

In the time it takes to grow a human, our little Albert has become this beautiful creature… He is jolly, funny, cuddly andView full post »


We spent last week in a log cabin in the woods in Wales.  We were joined by my parents, sister, niece and nephew (and a rambunctiousView full post »

Albert on Film

My favourite thing about shooting film is the excitement and magic of seeing pictures that you forgot you took.  This was particularlyView full post »


Yesterday was my 31st birthday.  For the first time in a long time, we took a Saturday off. As luck would have it, our village was havingView full post »

Pete’s 32nd Birthday

I know we’re married and have a mortgage and a baby, but wow when did we become grown ups?!  Pete turned 32 this week.  He ages likeView full post »