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Seven Months!

I’ve got to stop telling people that we ‘just had a baby’, because he’s SEVEN MONTHS OLD.  Our beautiful babyView full post »

His face

Mostly jolly, sometimes suspicious.View full post »

Bertie goes abroad

Last week we took Albert on his first destination wedding adventure, to sunny Spain.  He had a wonderful time relaxing, exploring the beachView full post »

5 Months of Albert full post »

The Zoo!

Since way before Bertie was born, we have been excited to take him to the zoo (even though he’s probably far more interested in hisView full post »

Bertie’s First Easter

We’ve had a lovely Easter.  For the first time in many years we’ve not been busy shooting weddings and have been busy seeingView full post »


Life has changed a lot in the last few weeks.  Gone are the days of excessive exhaustion and trying to function with a slightlyView full post »

Just Us

Our joyful little Albert is four months old already!View full post »

Bertie & Mummy  View full post »

Rolling Baby

Today while I was snapping away at our gorgeous boy’s face, he rolled over for the first time!View full post »

Adventures in Shropshire

We’ve been exploring the Shropshire countryside with the Crawleys and HDM 🙂 Bertie is 3 months old today!View full post »