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Last Sunday, we finally met our Albert (pictures over on our other blog!).  8lb11 of pure cuteness; a wide eyed, calm, cuddly little fella.

I can’t believe he’s only been with us for a week!  In that time we’ve been slowly getting to know each other, napping lots and snuggling constantly.

Today we decided it was time to leave the house, and the obvious destination was to get a Christmas tree!  I’d say Bertie helped to choose it but I’d be lying, he just snoozed.


  • Marie Man - Aw, what a cutie. Welcome to the world LawsonMegaBaby! Congrats mum and dad 🙂 xxReplyCancel

  • John and Christine Lawson - These are just beautiful…he is gorgeous. Christmas will be very special this year. XReplyCancel

  • Jon - Can’t believe how much he sleeps!!!ReplyCancel

  • Albert Palmer - Like like like!ReplyCancel

Here we are, the date we’ve been looking forward to for 40 weeks, Albert’s due date.

Of course things don’t always happen when they’re supposed to, and our little man seems pretty comfy in there.  Perhaps it will be another week or so before we actually get to meet him, fingers crossed it’s sooner rather than later (we are pretty impatient!).

We thought we’d take some pictures on our morning walk of the bump in all its (humungous) glory.  Strange to think these will most likely be the last bump pictures we take!


  • Joanna Bamber - Laura you look fabulous! Brilliant pictures and happy memories!
    Good Luck when the big event happens.
    It all happens so fast remember to take it in every minute, breathe, stay calm and if you want those drugs you shout YES!!!! (I did! lol!)
    I am sure you will be a pro, and I and along with all your other Lawson Fan Club we will all be waiting for the 1st picture of Albert in the flesh!!!

    Good Luck to both you and Pete.
    Very special times ahead! Enjoy! xReplyCancel

  • Annabel - Love My Dress - You look radiant and beautiful and I especially adore these photographs because they *so* remind me of a walk we took in a beautiful Autumn woodland scene the day I too turned 40 weeks 🙂 I remember it so well. It was such a beautiful day. Infact, we celebrated that baby girls 8th birthday on Friday just gone (only just recovering from the sleepever she had this weekend – you have all that to come!). I’m so excited fro you both, than you for sharing these lovely photos you gorgeous pair, and Laura, I’m loving your hat an scarf 🙂
    Big love,
    Mrs B xXxReplyCancel

  • Rebecca@florencefinds - … and the last pictures you might have of your family of two. Spooky!

    now come on Bertie! xReplyCancel