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Our lovely friends the Crawleys have made a human!  Little Betty Crawley was born on Saturday, before any of us were expecting her, in a haze of drama.  Despite being so teeny tiny, she is an absolute trooper!

We went for cuddles today, and totally fell in love with her.  Can’t wait to introduce her to Albert (her future husband) when he turns up.

iphone 5s/VSCO Cam


Every few weeks we go to see the midwife around the corner from our house.  There’s a wall on the way that I love (that’s normal right?!), and today I happened to have a camera in my bag.

2013-10-31_0022013-10-31_0032013-10-31_0042013-10-31_0052013-10-31_0062013-10-31_0072013-10-31_008In baby related news, I’m now 36 weeks 4 days, and little Albert is 4/5ths engaged (which means he’s slowly but surely on his way!).  He’s a good size (probably around 6lbs already) and has a super strong and happy heartbeat 🙂


Bertie the bump is almost fully cooked and ready to come out of the oven!  I can’t believe I’m 35 weeks (and four days, don’t forget those) pregnant already, it’s really flown by in a flurry of weddings and house preparations.

We went for a stroll in the sunshine this morning with our Fuji x100.


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  • Emma L - Aw! You look amazing 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Chris - Ahhhh you both look so excited! Really cute.ReplyCancel

  • Carrie - you look lovely – good luck guys! Photo no 14 (on the left) I reckon you look like your sister! Not that I’ve ever met her, but I’ve seen plenty of photos! xReplyCancel

  • Nicola Thompson - You 2 are so cute. 10 years in to child rearing we are less cute! I hope we regain our cuteness!ReplyCancel

  • Emma-Marie - That is one cute as pie bump Mrs Lawson! Exciting times guys…enjoy every moment xxReplyCancel

  • Charlotte G-R - Looking lovely as always Laura (& Pete!) can’t wait to come and see you when your little bundle of joy arrives. XxReplyCancel

  • Kelly - Oh Laura you look fabulous. XxxReplyCancel