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We are enjoying a little break from weddings (not that we don’t love weddings, but it’s nice to have lots more time to play with Albert).  He’s taught me a lot of things in his short life, and one of those things is that doing nothing much with the people you love is an excellent way to spend a day.  How lucky we are to be able to treat every morning like a Sunday morning (albeit with an earlier wake up call than we would choose, but hey you can’t have everything).


  • Jo Bilham - Lovely lovely photo’s! Made me want to jump in and join you! (besides, James and I seem to always wake up at 530am!) Hope you’re enjoying your bit of time off together! Jo xReplyCancel

Bertie loves being outside, especially if it’s windy or raining.  He also loves walking (with a helping hand from mummy and daddy), so today we ventured out into the drizzle for a wander.  I am getting so excited about spring coming, when we can let him roam free on the grass like the little adventurer he is.


There are a few perks to having a child (aside from the excessive amount of love and all that).  One of them is getting to do the things you used to love when you were little, like going to the zoo, playing on the swings, making cookies and painting.  Just the smell of the paint brings back so many happy memories!  I knew I would love painting with Albert, but I didn’t expect him to love it too.  All my dreams have come true 🙂


It was time our little explorer had some proper shoes, so we took him to Clarks to get measured up.  He cried when the nice lady put his foot in the ruler, but as we took no pictures of that, let’s pretend he had an awesome time!